Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Another Buy-holder portfolio with super high volatility

I am going to generate another portfolio with high volatility, not for the faint heart.

Like the previous one, I am going to hold 4 in this holder portfolio.
for now I will keep 1/4 in cash and wait ASPV's phase III trial result. (if that fails, I will be interested in EICU, NBIX or JRCC depends on the price and situation.

the already decided 3 are


Will use today's open to track the performance.

Got all the inital prices:
ACUS: 2.53
SIGA: 3.84
JMBAW: 3.41
SP500: 1500.75

I am not saying you should buy at that price, since this is a holder portfolio, don't want to do any market timing at all.

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