Saturday, May 26, 2007

Update on HNR

if you check SEC filling of HNR

Besides our very predictable and diligent buyer: Pabrai, the new impression is everyone in the company management is aquiring shares dated May 17th. Usually after getting such 0 cost shares, insiders will immediately dump them to the open market to enjoy the quick cash. Check Sec form 4 fillings from company like CRM.

What does this mean? Our party time is approaching, the management of HNR is making sure everyone on board to have a piece of pie to enjoy. Hopefully I still get time to play bigger fool game in China when the news is announced.


Anonymous said...

两个月前开始看mitbbs 的股票版时,就开始注意你的贴,可惜那时候没有开户买ovti,真是错过,当时ovti一直留在$12左右。现在不敢进啦。后来看了你很多关于hnr的资料进了一些hnr,现在是浅水,但是对你的pick非常有信心。

Robin said...

for investing time frame longer than 12 months

any time is good time to buy OVTI

BAC said...

a question: why everybody bought 6000 shares? is 6000 something especial?

Robin said...

company sets the limit, since it is pure compensational shares with 0 cost

Youdong said...

recommend a blog talking about HNR

Robin said...

thanks youdong,

I like the blog post, basically what he said is what my thesis about investing in HNR

Jason said...


I really enjoy reading your blog (I'm a new comer). You're really knowledgeable in stocks. What's your background?

Robin said...

to jason

thanks, I am IT 民工

babyduck said...