Thursday, May 17, 2007

My two sets of long term holding portfolio

Set 1 (OVTI, HNR, URGI,USG), I call it Guru-Following Portfolio.

Actually I found three of them first and then found gurus which I can follow to confirm my investing thesis(other than USG, I knew Buffett holding it first)

OVTI: I lost quite a lot of money on its Nov2006 ER, then I did very thorough researches on it. Is it possible I have been totally wrong on this one, it is possible, however fortunately, Ken Fisher stepped up to support my investing ideas on OVTI by loading up his truck. Which is nice to know.

Since you already know I love his book, and I actually directly applied his theory to reconcile the thinking behind picking OVTI. I am wondering if he did the same thinking process.

HNR: I found this pick first, then I got to know Pabrai. I read his book, I know for sure if he is buying at current price, he must be thinking it is way undervalued. It is so nice to get a confirmation in recent Barron's article.

USG: enough has being said by Warren Buffett, I don't need to repeat. He is still controlling 40% of USG shares, which is a lot. I have faith in his decision on USG.

URGI: I haven't found the Guru to follow and confirm my thesis until today. , Now it is all complete.

The second set of holder portfolio is still under constrcution. I may call it Rule-Breaker portfolio, since I would like to do things differently here. Instead of looking for Guru's confirmation, I would like to really test my security analytical ability and stock picking potential. So I selected ACUS, SIGA, and JMBAW out, and would like to load ASPV later when I know for sure the incoming Phase III trial result is positive.

I am having fun doing all the research and hopefully both of them are going to make me nice monetary return over time.


snaredrum said...

robin, 我前两天出去旅游,一路上经过的Dunkin Donuts, Hershey's, 还有很多小店都有fruit smoothie卖,味道也差不多。我这里没有Jamba,不知道他和别的店比有什么特别的吗?谢谢!

BAC said...

Really nice to read this! Will you continue to update this blog when you are in China?

SheenJ said...

Robin, thank you for sharing your research. It is so wonderful to read your blog!!

Robin said...

thanks snaredrum, Jamba juice is majorly in CA, and it is expanding gradually to other states, we will se e more of them, they have a very nice brand recognition in CA already, and the stores are almost always lined-up with buyers.

thanks bac, I will try my best, however no possibillity as frequent as I am doing now.

Robin said...

thanks sheenj, if you can make more money from information you get from here, that will be great.