Wednesday, May 23, 2007

OVTI Strong buy

Today's news is HUGE.

As an investor this is a strong buy, as a trader, you may want to confirm it after May 31st ER.


babyduck said...

Running out of cash this morning, so sold my ESV and put it here. :)
Thanks for the nice call.

babyduck said...

hi, Robin
one more question, any target for this round? Should we cash out before ER.

Robin said...

if stock share, I think you should hold thru ER

if short term call option, at least take decent profit to cover your downside

sinepi said...

Nice call. It also confirmed what you said to days ago. Great job! Thanks!
For OTM june call options (JUN 17.5C), what's the good exit point do you think? thanks.

sinepi said...

TA wise, it just break the previous strong resistance of 14.6, which now becomes a strong support. The next resistance is at 16.2. Let's see how it runs.

Anonymous said...

according to the earning is on june 15th