Monday, May 14, 2007

BBS, No more

Just wondering what I really get from there.
It wastes my time and attracts personal attacks.

I did meet a lot of nice people there and learned a lot.
Now it is time to shut up and move on.


hand said...

Sad to see you leave. Thanks for the blog, and I will visit it often.

BAC said...

It would be a big loss for the stock board @ mitbbs.

The good thing is: we can still see your words here. :)

The bad thing is: we won't see your comments on some hot topics (which you won't cover in your blog.)

Hans said...

No wonder I did not see your post there today.

I like your posts a lot. although I don't do bottom momentum, (i don't have much time watching the chart during the day) I like the way you analyze.