Saturday, May 19, 2007

Update on HNR

Weekend Read, StokBlogs-HNR

I think he followed VIC article.

An overlooked conference call news

The most import message:

Even so, Harvest is moving ahead with development plans because, Edmiston said, "the government is behaving in a way that suggests they are 100% committed to what we've laid out. I think what we're doing, moving ahead with the business, reflects our own view reflecting certainty or uncertainty."

Harvest has put out bids for two drilling rigs, which it expects to receive over the summer, and has already secured two workover rigs, as well as increasing its technical staff, Edmiston said. PDVSA agreed to foot the bill for some equipment that Harvest has ordered for PetroDelta, Edmiston said.

Harvest expects the business plan to "build production rapidly" and increase reserves, he said.

I have listened the CC webcast twice, I know this is for real. :)


Anonymous said...

Where did you find those blogs and news?

Robin said...

if you want to have edge in the market, you have to do more homework, I am hungry for any kind of information which might affect my decision in investing. most of the time google is my best friend

BAC said...

hoho~ as Robin said in MITBBS: Google and Wiki are investors' best friends. :)

Anonymous said...

Do you mean you keep googling every day?