Tuesday, May 22, 2007

NYTimes article on Seth Klarman

This article is really interesting to read.

He is a very famous deep value investor. Very famous for his risk and asset management.

The most interesting part is:

"...then went on to Harvard Business School, where he graduated with an M.B.A. in 1982. Immediately afterward, four wealthy families, including those of two Harvard professors, put up $27 million for Mr. Klarman to manage..." (when he was 25)



Min Chen said...

Robin, 你也差不多了,你要做fund,我现在就给你50K. 呵呵

Robin said...

谢谢支持,我研究了一下hedge fund的开办条件,起价1M, 一般是5M, 而且一个fund最多只能有99个投资者,所以你我都还要努力

Yong said...


babyduck said...

I's second that "借钱都要支持你"

BAC said...

min 1M, max 99 investors, it seems not impossible for you. :) count me in. Though I am still in school, I may contribute more than 1m/99. :p