Wednesday, May 9, 2007

OVTI Presentation

audio webcast

couple pieces of (not new to me) information:

1. TrueFocus, revenue starting 2008, very high customer interest
2. 2MP 1/4 form factor is the key for slim camera, Peter Leigh emphasized this one in front of the presentation and in the middle.
this might be the key product for the current quarter's turning around.
3. advance market great outlook, already enjoying increasing revenue in automobile industry, and High-dynamic range camera sensor is the key, and OVTI made it first.
4. FDA approved partner's colonscopy device using OVTI sensors last week. (this is new to me)


Anonymous said...

Thanks Robin for summarize this.

How is the competition for 2MP 1/4 form factor? I believe both MU and Samsung has the similar products. Any reason OVTI can stand out for this?

BAC said...

Thanks! It is really a great pick for me.

Robin said...

product release about the 2mp 1/4 Peter emphasized today

as you can see, it is almost 14 month ago's product, and it is now going to pick up meaningful revenue. market demand is slower than the hoped.

Anyway Apple's IPhone is coming out soon, with a 2MP 1/4 form factor camera phone, it is wildly believed to be from MU

Which came out may of 2006.

So IPhone's competitors have to do the same upgrade which will push the demand.

Interesting enough there is still some possibilities that IPhone will use OVTI's 2mp. The reasoning is MU reported loss of market share and inventory build-up for more than one quarter in last ER,
and in the meanwhile, OVTI guided
the turnaround for May-July quarter.

Such speculation is not groundless, however I won't factor this in my thesis of holding OVTI, if it is indeed that case, buy calls immediately.

Robin said...

If it turned that OVTI is in IPhone, there is only one possible explanation which is TrueFocus is so good, AAPL wants it in IPhone Gen2.

Small chance hope, don't bet it, just prepare for this.