Wednesday, May 16, 2007

CRM ER out

1c vs 8c

I would say, it is very overpriced for this kind of earning. CRM is one of couple companies I really dislike. now let's see what will happen after this bleak ER.

In the PR they said Thomson is estimating using Non-GAAP to get the number of 8c
and before GAAP, their actual earning is 13M/118M+1c=12c

sounds good on paper, let's wait to see what does market say.

the outlooks is similar like this Q, stock-based compensation will eat up all earning, very greedy management. The revenue will be inline with estimates, however the total share count will be at 122M.

looks like a sure short from here.


Min Chen said...

I shorted CRM today for good profit:)
Are you going to short it tomorrow? Or you already hold short position of this one?

Min Chen said...

Weird. Posted comments but not shown.
Anyway, have shorted CRM today.