Monday, May 7, 2007

Expired Bigger Fool Momentum Call Achieve

I will keep updating this archive to track previous day trading and short term swing calls.

5.3 ASPV post-ER momentum, DT short, due to expectation not being met, and hot money getting out.

5.7 TASR post-French election momentum, DT long, due to newly elected president calling for buying TASR laser guns for every police car, and there is hope premium for this news.

5.8 SIGA First ever Conference Call,
things to watch
As an investor I got all I want to hear in the CC, excellent, however since no short term immediate gratification, short term traders are dumping this one creating a huge downside momentum.

5.15 IOC Post-ER momentum, reason for the call
I didn't get that kind of momentum I am expecting due to the CC in the morning gave fake hope to the longs about the going on Elk 2 development. Still for a 2-3% DT with option, not bad.

5.17 MCZ minestone price play 30%+ in one trading session

5.24 PACT call@open Post-ER momentum, 35%+ within one hour

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