Wednesday, May 16, 2007

HNR analysis in Value Investor Club

In the previous post I mentioned Mohnish Pabrai, just got more information in the recent Barron article (which I don't have subscription, however got to know from VIC)

"In an interview with Barron's Online, Mohnish Pabrai declined to comment about Harvest's specific outlook as a matter of policy, but said the company "is our only and best bet in energy" with an intrinsic value significantly higher than the current stock price. "I'm pretty comfortable if it takes two or three years to get to its intrinsic value."

A long analysis on HNR is also available for 45 days delayed guest access in VIC, I would suggest all HNR holders check it out.


Anonymous said...

Obviously, most of ppl following your HNR pick are traders.

I had thought you had been a member of VIC.

bobby said...


Robin said...

no, I am not a VIC member, would like to join, maybe I should get my thoughts on OVTI more organized to stand a chance.

thanks bobby, you DD in FDG really helps, I need to do more work on that one.

BAC said...

Thanks for HNR information. It seems you leave mitbbs stock board permanently?

i still remember when i load ovti @ 12.31. It went down to 11.5x several days later. But it seems there are no much complaints in the board at that time. Maybe many newbies come recently, and they just wanna quick money and rising-forever stock picks. Some people even dare to do shortings when they still ask questions like: which broker is better? LOL

babyduck said...

Thanks for info, Robin. Hold my 1/2 funds on this one.
By the way, I like your blog a lot and check a couple times everyday. Very nice job!

Robin said...

thanks babyduck, I wish HNR can give you sizable profit sooner than later.

by the way, where are you? are you from Dallas?

babyduck said...

I am in boston. If you are around some time, let me treat you some lobsters. :)

sinepi said...

hehe.. I am in Boston as well. next time if Robin come to Boston, let me know too. Lobster for sure.

I am holding 30% on this one too. After I read those materials, I feel much confident of holding this now. Thanks for Robin's excellent job of collecting informations. :)

helene said...

from Renxiaoyao: