Friday, May 11, 2007

Quiz with Award

What are the reasons behind for me to only play
undercovered, small names (unlike AAPL, ICE, GOOG, everyone is playing)

The best answer will get the next momentum prediction sent exclusively to your email address.

welcome comment. (also just to see how many readers I have)


best comment: yong, bac
runner-up: Janhaus
honorable mention: theisland@mitbbs

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Yi said...
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Yi said...

higher uncertainty makes bigger momentum

Janhaus said...

The larger stocks are not 'sure money' because there is a lot of uncertainty due to the manipulation by MM's. They are also typically not 'distressed'->undervalued either, and do not fit the 'highly controversial losers' profile. And with the large stocks, there is a high probability that the MM's know more than you do, so all in all, it's high risk.

jf said...

You understand the decision making process of most players on the market on a handful low-key stocks you have researched.

bobby said...

To make money, lots of money.
hehe, this cannot be wrong.

Yong said...

Principally, big names get so much attention. Market is very 'efficient' on them. For small names, there MIGHT be an inefficiency.

Sherman said...

undercoverd small names stock usually have a lot of controversy going to, fit into your HCL model.
Big names usually have good FA and few controversy.
Also small names can easy get momentum 'cause they have usually small volumns.

zibo2002 said...

MM 比较少。。。

Fuying said...

no idea......but hey, I'm one of your blog readers!!!

yuefei said...

win sure money in short time

BAC said...

The big names attracted too much attention to have chance to become HCL. In most cases, only small names (like OVTI and HNR) will face the "inefficient market", which guaranteed the "sure money".

BTW: I long OVTI and HNR, after reading Robin's posts and my own thorough thinkings.