Thursday, May 17, 2007

One more cent

MCZ will become non-penny,
what does this mean,
it means significant upside momentum, nothing short of those livermore type of momentum when stocks making new high to 100, 200, 300 etc .

when ONT reached $1, it quickly ran up to $1.46 within very short period of time, so MCZ will be the next $1 swing target.


it made it, watch for volume for confirmation, then jump, very nice,

time to jump, swing target 1.3, stop 0.99


bobby said...

hehe, I see the historic moment too. cong.
"your are paid to be patient.", so true.

Robin said...

good luck for your other holdings, :)
you will be paid eventually. I hold MCZ since Feb, a nice 60% return in less than 3 month, That's why I keep holding my winners like SIGA even when it was hammered for no good reason recently.

I like the dual roles of trader and investor, being on both sides just makes things so much more easier.

babyduck said...

my mcz stopped out today :(
Robin, Any good entry point later?

Robin said...

sorry for the stop out loss,
MCZ today's performance is weak, it dips below and close at $1 is really
not good.

In midterm it is going to run higher, anticipating a strong ER coming 3 weeks from now. wait for strong momentum for reentry, yesterday the volume and momentum when running over $1 is not that great, I should have noticed, bullside may simply need more time and accumulation. my bad

sinepi said...

what's the target range do you think when approaching ER?

sinepi said...

what target range do you think when it approaches the ER?
looking for a good entry point too. however, if really consider this an investment opportunity instead of a trading opportunity, will the entry point matter? thanks.

Robin said...

ER: first two weeks of June
the number should be good, I have no problem holding it thru