Thursday, May 17, 2007

OVTI may pop up

yesterday's doji is a typical trend reverse signal.

and OVTI got strong support at 14-14.2 area.

looks good for today.

Although I don't believe max pain theory, however MMs do have incentive to push it to 15 by the end of tomorrow.


Min Chen said...

Agree with you on OVTI.
Will play stock, not option today.
Just a question, are you still holding OVTI's june options? It is my second round of its option, but the closer to ER, the more dangeous..

Robin said...

yes, June call is good, especially OTM 15c and 17.5c if you can get them cheap (<=0.6, <=0.15) then on the day of May 31, you will have decent profit.