Thursday, May 17, 2007

Update on URGI

Today's news

Crescendo, which is controlled by managing member Eric Rosenfeld, said the shares "were significantly undervalued and represented an attractive investment opportunity."

As I said just now, when I(you) see value, other people see it as well.

their avg cost is $12.5, this well explained why URGI rebounced back from $12 three times (including today) already. Nice safety net.


BAC said...

nice article! what a pity that URGI has no options. Buying stocks is kind of costly. :) Anyway, I may load some @ 11.95-12.05 when I free my money from some old holdings, like JASO and PetroChina.

Anonymous said...

Rosenfeld做fixed income的,现在居然也做起equity来了。haha