Saturday, May 12, 2007

Vimicro International Corp. (VIMC)

Seemingly dirt cheap, 182M mkt cap, how come 102M in cash(according to yahoo, I don't trust it at all, however as long as there are ppl trust it, it is then a good thing to have on those HCL).

Delayed earning report, changed auditor.

Remind you another Chinese HCL CBAK right?

Interesting. So keep watching it.Since the delayed ER has to come soon.

You will have plenty of time to play Post-ER momentum.

Did you noticed I have just spent less than 20min and have done retail FA on the first 3 out of HCL candidates list.

All of them are seemingly cheap, however with various problems, I probably don't know its business at all, however I know the things to watch out, and the effort is minimal.

Can you rely on my 6min/pick retail FA for a buy-hold recommendation? heck no. Can you make a lot of money trading them after my suggestion? Surely yes.

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