Saturday, May 12, 2007

Mad Catz Inc. (MCZ)

This pick was initially from ZZPT@mitbbs, He did a very nice job to point it out before Februry earning report. I am still holding my 1500 shares @0.64 to support his due dilligence. In this blog we have some discussion already on this one.

Yesterday's spike was news driven. It setups another round of pre-ER run for MCZ. If you followed me so far, you will see reason for this pre-ER run is very clear, people's high expectation and hope.

Anyway it is fun to watch this little penny to become non-penny.

The typical Jun ER date for MCZ is June 8 or 9th, I still cannot find the actual date anywhere online. If you find it out, pls post it as comment. Thanks

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