Wednesday, May 2, 2007




真正非常可能的是他们收到应该属于他们的Q2-Q4 2006 开采费用,这个税前170M,很不少
如果这个收到了,这个票的downside risk才能说真正minimize,来等approval

anyway, have no problem holding it thru


robin said...

Harvest President and Chief Executive Officer, James A. Edmiston, said, "We understand the documents required to effect the conversion, including the conversion contract, have been approved by the Minister of Energy and Petroleum and submitted to the National Assembly. After receipt of National Assembly approval, we and our partner, Corporacion Venezolana del Petroleo S.A. (CVP) will execute the conversion contract and form Petrodelta. After receipt of a transfer decree from the Venezuelan government, Petrodelta will be fully operational.

Wonderful, one more step before HNR flying, I couldn't find any reason why it won't get approved, just a formality and several weeks waiting, exciting

robin said...

the more the produce the more the lose
why: the revenue is temporally hold back by the governement pending the approval of the new company. it is like I max out my IRA and 401K without taking home single bit of salary, I still get to pay my rent, and the more I eat and spend, the more broke I am (seems)

and more importantly anticipating the approval of the new company.

"We have also begun to increase our technical staff. In addition, the parties have selected two workover rigs which will begin operations as soon as contract negotiations are completed and the rigs can be mobilized."

every evidance points to a sooner than later approval, check what they directly commented in my first comment above

new development is "have been approved by the Minister of Energy and Petroleum"
everyone knows 社会主义国家人大的通过只是形式过场