Wednesday, May 2, 2007

A Decision to Make

I am holding 5 ASPV July 22.5c @1.7

need to decide in the next 25 min:
1. dump all before ER
2. dump portion of them
3. hold all of them thru ER

Tough call.


Larsen said...

Great to see your new blog Robin, I'm a big fan of yours on mitbbs. Not sure what to do about your ASPV, I thought you liked post-ER plays :) If I had those calls, I'd hold them, looks like upside is slightly greater than downside, but that's just me.

sterm said...


sterm said...


robin said...

thanks guys,

I didn't find buyer asking @2.25
so I took the risk, the earning it great, CEO resign is a concern now

waiting conference call

Shuxiang said...
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Taikonaut said...

Any more infor?

robin said...

conference call is exactly like the last time, no deal (yet), more cash
they still got one more year or so, however clock is running fast, in the coming trading days, I expect this one to go sideway, until we see real development of new deals and incoming Phase III clinic data.