Wednesday, May 9, 2007

URGI trading idea for tomorrow

URGI is going to report same store sale(SSS) data for April.

I am more bearish than bullish on this one, the reason is in the previous march SSS report

The Easter week occurred in the fiscal month of March this year and in the fiscal month of April last year. The Easter shift contributed a low-single digit comparable store sales benefit for the month."

Once this single digit SSS benefit get taken out from April data to be released tomorrow, it will hit the number.

However, currently the expectation is low, even after today's pre SSS run. If SSS is up 5 percent or more, URGI will run nicely. then play momentum in URGI.


There is a terrible number coming: SSS for April -8 percent, due to the easter timing. Although the combined march$april sale rose +2 pct. "low-single digit" in previous report should really be "high-single digit"@9.

I think it will drop a lot, a safe short here for DT, still need to double check to see if it is itself or the whole sector.

the whose sector is going to see very bad numbers, not just URGI.

"We have seen the whole quarter sales been flat, and Online sales, which grew 44 percent for the month and 51 percent for the quarter, were not included in any of the same-store sales figures," United Retail said. Would like to find out the online part of the story in the coming ER.

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