Thursday, May 3, 2007

SIGA May 8th CC


1. words about the Phase II 21-day safety trial
2. update on legal complaint with PharmAthene
3. update on the 2-year old indiana boy (from the last time NPR news he is heading home, full recovery is expected)
4. update DoD, BioShield, Foreign government, WHO's stockpile plan
5. R&D roadmap, more info about stuff they are working on besides ST-246 and ST-294
6. funding, financial situation

highly anticipated CC. will drive pps above 5 for certain.

the key person is the new CEO Dr Eric Rose. This guy is very good, it is certainly a great confidence boost for me to stay long with SIGA when I came to know he took the job as CEO. Will generate a lot of publicity and leveage his connections to get SIGA to the next level


Yan said...

Do you think what is the good price for loading? And what is the good time, May 4 or May7? Thanks

sterm said...

反指到此一游 :()

robin said...

I will wait until I digest all the information in the CC to load more

however I do expect a small run-up
before CC, especally starting from 7th, and pop SIGA in to 5.1x