Thursday, May 3, 2007

Highly Controversial Loser (HCL)

Loser好找吧,跌的利害的,接近52wk low的

highly controversial也好找吧,就是无数人说好,同时无数人说坏的,都振振有词,很有道理的样子

然后等机会做底部动量,一般是news/event/rumor driven,千万不要接飞刀

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qh said...

I have a question, how do you tell it is botton momentum. And when you find the botton momentum, how long to hold it, or just set 10% profit, then sell it anyway.

By the way, can I ask what's ER for? Cannot google it?

I am new, not in the market yet, but learn a lot from your blog.

Thanks for sharing!!!