Thursday, May 3, 2007

tomorrow's sure money

It is actually shorting OVTI

since you cannot short,

may 15 put is the best bet

buy at open
sell in the afternoon for DT

doesn't work out now, the better entrance should be around 11-12 after EK's conference call

update: per friend's suggestion, I didn't put it
since the reason for the run-up is primarly EK buyout rumor again, once this rumor get busted, it will drop to retest 14.2 support, that's why I called sure money
if you put it above 15.3, then good, however I didn't do it.

1 comment:

coldstar said...

I saw your suggestion and rush to buy put. However the price has already dropped to 15.1-2. Don't wanna spend 1.30 for a $15 put. Miss the opportunity.