Thursday, May 3, 2007

OVTI 近来的一个动作和对股价走势的影响

(old writing in mitbbs mail on April 15th)

OVTI is getting more controversial recently due to the news of recent investment in WLCSP which is one of the leading CSP facility in China.

Even much expanded XinTec(new product lines starting volume production this Octorber) cannot meet their CSP output expectation, there got to be some real large order in the pipeline waiting to be produced. (that's me a veteren long's logic, the general hope of desperate long is TrueFocus order is so huge, they need to keep up with the production volume.)

Short's Logic: downtrend company, diminishing revenue, why need more CSP capacity, must be trick to transfer $$$ back to communist China, CEO Hong's daughter is CEO of OVTI China, they try everything to steal shareholder equity. blah blah, doesn't make any sense to me.

About WLCSP and XinTec, that's the only two factories which have licencing agreement with Tessera on ShellCase (Wafer Level Packaging) tech.

I have explained why WLP from tessera is vital for OVTI's turnaround.

if you are in this field, pls check the following link about WLP and CIS manufacturing yield

Since it is getting even more controversial, and analysts's bearish view cannot explain those new development, so expecting more volatility to come and pre-ER run

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